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Anddd reset.

Updated: May 29

A month to reset and get ready for my busiest months of racing to come. After coming back home to the UK following the Glasgow track Nations Cup last month I took some time off the bike to spend some time with my family and pack for the house move. Then, no other better way to get riding again than to go down to Herne Hill velodrome. The majority of my training took place there as to be honest I was too scared to go out riding alone on the roads and I didn’t want to risk anything for the short period I was back! I think it is a real shame what cycling safety has come to. Over the past 10 years of riding my bike, only now I don’t feel safe enough to ride my bike through the quiet Surrey or Kent lanes. The paranoia of thinking that someone in a car or moped can easily or not, knock you off and steal your bike. I hope that something can be done to change this.

I was able to get some derny sessions in with Tony Cassidy and I can’t thank him enough for giving up his time for my benefit. I was also able to do a track league and an open season. I really miss the track atmosphere when I am in Spain as it is really unmatched anywhere else.

Back in Spain it was time to get dialled back into training. During this past week, I was able to get a short training camp in over at the Anadia velodrome in Portugal. Although I had already been a couple of times, it was important to me to get onto a wooden track and for that track to be the location of the European championships this year, it was a great opportunity. 3 Brutal track sessions focusing on the IP and some beautiful road rides too. It was a really nice change of scenery and I was so impressed by the peaceful roads perfect for cyclists. Special thanks to Cesar who gave up his time to take me!

My upcoming plans are travelling to Germany to race in Bahnen- Tournee, a series of class 1 track races. This will be my first time visiting Germany so I am excited to see the new culture and of course I will be doing my best to get UCI points so that I am able to qualify for some of the bigger track races in the calendar.

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