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Busy June

The beginning of the month I travelled to Germany to do some class 1 track races. The main agenda was to get some more track experience in my first year competing in the Elite scene but also to get valuable UCI track points that would get me over the 250 point mark (only once gained are you allowed to race in some of the biggest races off your own back, e.g. Track Nations Cup). I had hoped to achieve this in a couple of races but due to rain, I was only able to score points in the omnium. Nevertheless, I went from having 200 points to 302, gaining 102 points over the 2 omniums I completed in! Overall I achieved what I set out to do, but it wasnt until the last race of the second omnium, that I gained enough confidence to attack and make a mark. It felt easy to become intimidated when you are racing against some of the world's best but in times when you have nothing to loose, the best thing to do is to take risks.

It was a shame because the rain dictated what races could go ahead and so I missed an opportunity to gain UCI points in the scratch. With my parents at home, busily getting ready to move out our house, my coach Cesar dedicated a long weekend away from his family to take me, so again I just wanted to show my appreciation.

Some short time later, it was time to head to Valencia for a confirmation camp in preparation for track Euros with the Under 23s. Straight from here, I met up with my road team and we went to race at my favourite Copa España in the Spanish calendar, Sueca. Only this time, the day after an intense 6 day training camp. I went in optimistic but slowly faded as the race went on. The race had a roughly 4 kilometre technical section of gravel and was entirely flat (both aspects I love!) It was a shame but the reality was that everyone who had gone to the track camp either decided not to come or didn't finish. I finished and did my best which was all I could do.

The touring continued, as then it was time to travel to Mallorca for the Campeonatos de España, road and TT. My expectations for the road race were nothing special as the course was not to my forte, but on the other hand the tt, I remained positive. The course was quite hilly with 250m of climbing over 20km but the most of it was just gradual. But my expectations were not realistic. The focus I have put into doing track this year, has taken away somewhat of the fitness I had on the road. I am yet to have found the balance but I know now that I have lots of work to do on the road if I want to race the 2 disciplines. Nonetheless, a great week spent in Mallorca.

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