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Getting back to training

So I have been back training for over a month now since my short and sweet offseason. I have been struggling to regain my old fitness, feeling rather lethargic recently. I have been keeping busy, organising 6 English lessons a week, combined with velodrome trips and my general training schedule. But once I get more prepared hopefully I will begin to settle down.

There is a lot of hard work that still has to be done now so that I will be ready to race on the track in the coming weeks. I will be racing in the Troféu Internacional de Pista – José Bento Pessoa C2, that takes place in Portugal at the end of the month. I also have two more races in Portugal in December and January on the track, with one being a class 1 (the highest level of track race that there is). These races will be a good opportunity for me to see how I perform and know whether I need to adjust my training to work on specific weaknesses before the season goes into full swing.

I have been lucky enough to be joined out here in Spain with my newly acquainted friend, Amber Joseph. All thanks to the lovely Tony Hibbert at Herne Hill who introduced us. To my luck I found out that Amber was looking for a place to train abroad with others in preparation for the U23 Pan American Games in Cali and because I am always looking for people to come stay with me, this was perfect.

We weren’t friends before she came out to Spain but straight away we got on really well and we are gradually getting to know each other as the time goes on. While Amber has been here she has really looked out for me as if she was my big sister which has been really nice.

In addition, I would say it has increased my enjoyment and motivation in my training, to be riding with another girl, as I have always been riding with other boys. To have a stronger and older cyclist that I can aspire to has really driven me.

Overall, it has been really nice to get back to Spain and refocus with my coach, Cesar. Thank you for everything that you do for me!

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